9 03 2009

The Installation of Echo and Narcissus
The installation consists of 5 screens all sync accordingly using the program MultiScreener. The installation immerses the viewer while telling the ancient roman myth of Echo and Narcissus.

Includes my initial research, formative concepts, notes, observations, thoughts, influences and any other material, which I consider to be pertinent to this project. This section will fully explore and develop my Interactive Media project.


Includes notes from the liaisons and stakeholder meetings. Highlights what was said, thoughts, and key points.


Documenting the various stages in the development of my project and provides support for decisions taken during the design and development.

Documenting the various projects and artists that have influenced me throughout the course of this project. It will also include supporting media.

Includes supporting media such as video and photos to provide visual documentation throughout the course of the course of the creative process.