Stakeholder Client/ Meetings

Dr. Coral Houtman – Project Manager/Senior Lecturer for Film & Video.
Adam Martin – Mentor/Overseer. Go to resource for problems.
Simon Davies – Video Editor/Technical Assistant; Graduate from the program.
Technicians – Technical Assistants for editing and exports/compression of video.
Stage Designer – Stage designer. Coral’s friend. Has a conceptual say in the project.
Kim – Technical Hardware. Helped with the sensors.
Lady from gallery – In charge of booking period for the Ffloc Gallery.
The audience – End Users and classmates.

Project Brief (February 6th 2009)
Initial project brief by Carol Houtman, senior lecturer of International Film. Her brief consisted of actual video footage and prompt explanation of the type of installation/interactive element she would like to include in her piece.

Brief Intro (February 13th 2009)
Coral took us to the Ffloc Gallery and gave her ideas of how she imagined the project running. We also made a stop at the Avid editing suits to show parts of the film. The technicians wanted to know what program it would be run in and we told them .mov files would be the best. They then gave a brief in sight on the type of compression they might use on the videos.

First Valid Meeting (February 17th 2009)
Coral showed us a few concepts images of a stage a friend of hers from the University of Glamorgan had made. They seemed to fit the theme very nicely and looked very authentic. It seemed a bit overkill, and didn’t seem like it would be possible to have it done for the date she wants. It included big pillars, red suede cloth and water filled wishing well. We were also given a pilot DVD of the Echo Narcissus. The DVD includes 5 separate screens, all-visual. The pilot includes only 10min of footage. Coral and her editor are still editing the final 10 minutes of the film. We also mentioned that we needed her to hopefully have each individual .mov video file ready for early next week.

Second Meeting (February 24th 2009)
Met with Carol again. Unfortunately, Owen wasn’t able to make the meeting. We quickly chatted about the date we would have a prototype ready in the gallery for. Looked at the Ffloc Gallery we’d be using. Was given the code. Discussed all the current possibilities of setting up in the gallery. She mentioned having a projector set up, showing her current movie compiled into 5 separate screens as well as our small interaction/ 5 screens compiled using monitors. March 24th is the date when we need to have a fully functional prototype. From what I can understand, Coral wants to impress this lady. I think this gallery lady might be able to put this installation in a bigger gallery in another town.

First Meeting With Kim (February 26th 2009)
We met with Kim in the electronic department. Discussed all the possibilities we had with using sensors. She recommended Piezo sound sensors and offered to set one up for us to use. Next meeting is set for February 3rd.

Contacted The Editor (February 27th 2009)
Owen had messaged Coral’s editor to see if we could have some exports of each individual file. We had discussed some compressed .mov files. We also included a bit of insight on the multi screener program we were using. We described the compression the programmer of MultiScreener recommended. We decided to get in contact directly with the editor, instead of going through Coral. We feel that it just makes things easier, as well as gives us a better relationship with the editor in case we have edit problems that need a quick fix.

Third Meeting (March 3rd 2009)
Unfortunately, I was unable to make this meeting. I was helping Mike on his project because he needed help with the filming. From what I’ve gathered, Owen had shown Coral the synchronizing in MultiScreener and demonstrated the sensor by lighting up a LED. Coral also gave Owen the first set of individual movie files.

A Surprise Visit (March 6th 2009)
Coral had stopped by to discuss a date Owen or me had heard of. It turned out she had booked the Ffloc Gallery for the 9th of March. Not sure if this means the gallery will be booked for her until the end of the term. Therefore, she is expecting us to have some sort of display set up for Monday or Tuesday. So we ended up talking to Adam to see if it was possible to borrow a few monitors and Mac minis. We also discussed the possibility of setting up a projector displaying her edits on one of the walls. We decided to meet early on Monday.

Talked About The Video Compression (March 9th 2009)
Coral booked out the Ffloc Gallery. Unfortunately, there was an existing exhibit still installed in the gallery. We managed to catch a problem within the quality of the video exports. The images were not the correct ratio, causing them to be stretched. We brought this problem up to Coral, and she took Adam and us down to talk to Simon (the editor) and Mike (the technician). It turned out; the videos were not exported with the proper codec. The videos were scaled improperly, so we left it with them to have some edits for the next day. We also planned to meet Coral at 2pm.

Forth Meeting (March 10th 2009)
We had a schedule meeting for 3 with Coral today. We briefly discussed the status of the gallery. It turns out that the last project had been cleared out. We went in the Ffloc Gallery with her and discussed the possible setup of the screens. We might also need to move the projector mount. We also need to figure out a few security issues with the hardware. The Gallery might be left open to the public, therefore raising a few issues. Adam mentioned the possibility of using a She wanted to have something set up by next week. She also apologized because the better quality files were not exported yet. We handed hr another copy of the exporting requirements for MultiScreener. She agreed to pass them over to her editor. Hopefully we will see some better quality videos next week.

Brief Discussion (March 17th 2009)
Today wasn’t a planned meeting but there were a few points that I would like to document that were discussed. The first one was that Adam suggested that we include the projected movie to be in sync with all the other monitors. The only problem would be that we would have to cut the video pilot to the exact time code as the other video files. It seemed like a good idea, and the sound quality would be better, using one set of speakers rather then 5. We also discussed different layouts with Carol while setting up the tables and hardware. The first viewing of the installation is planned for Tuesday March 23, 2009 at 12:30 and 1:30.

Last Meeting (April 30th 2009)
Today was the last day we spoke with Coral. She came into G1 to see how we were doing. She also brought us some presents for our hard work. She thanked us and I linked my documentation to her stumblr site. She also talked to Adam about maybe developing the project further in the future. We also told her how we’d be setting up the project for the next day. She suggested we move the monitor to the back, rather than have it up in the front. We agreed and she wished us luck and was off.


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