Final Outcome

The objection and aim of our project had always been the same throughout the start of the creation process. We knew what we had to do and worked towards it. I felt we did a very high quality and professional job. We dove into the project almost instantly and never looked back. There were many hours spent in the lab researching, practicing and creating. We were able to do a lot of testing, helping us in the long run. Having the monitors set up numerous times allowed us to feel out our installation and change it accordingly. That’s why our process was so good. Our project did go through many changes throughout the course of the term; mostly for the better.

Our installation was fully functional and immersive. It was set up on for the Flock Gallery Show and worked without any problems. Other than a more interactive element, we achieved all the goals that were set in out at the beginning. We succeeded with impressing our client while carrying out a professional relationship. We succeeded in more areas than one and successfully presented our project to the class.

In the future, I’d like to continue to work with video installation pieces. I feel I have gained a lot from this project and I feel I can continue into engineering video projections.

I feel I’ve learnt a lot over the course of my stay at the University of Wales. This professional practice allowed me to gain some experience in the outside world. It gave me new skills, primarily within documentation that I will take with me back to Toronto. I had a great time here and really enjoyed myself.


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