• 5 videos that play simultaneously throughout the course of time.
• Documents the Greek mythology of Narcissus.
• Each video displayed on a wall/ LCD and one on the ceiling.
• The interaction takes place at the end of the experience.
• The viewer/individual chooses the ending by placing a pebble in a jar.
• Small installation space.


• Working in hand with a production team and the client, I would like successfully complete an interactive video experience.
• Within the boundaries of an installation space, I would like to successfully achieve a multi video installment, along with a fully interactive interface.
• The software that will mainly be used will be MAX/MSP and arduino.
• Video will be displayed using mounted ceiling projectors or large LCD’s.
• The interactive element would involve someone dropping a pebble into a a glass or a motion of light towards an object. This would cause video to end in 1 of 2 ways.


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